FAQ / Notes

What else do I need to do a dip manicure? 

You need either  dip liquids (base, activator, top coat) OR gel liquids (gel base, gel top coat) and a UV/LED lamp for application. UV/LED lamp is only needed for gel method. 

You will also want a nail file, buffer, cuticle pusher and something to clean your cuticle area with. Toothpicks work great for this. 


Can I use dip powder like regular acrylic? 

Yes! Dips are made with an acrylic powder base so they can be used with monomer as colored acrylic powder. Drying time may vary. 



5g Sample jars about 1-2 full manicures each

.25oz size jars about 5-7+ full manicures each

.70oz size jars about 12-15+ full manicures each

* Full manicure means all 10 fingers with 2-3 dips each finger. Total number of manicures depends on nail length, shape, and the number of dips.

Listing is for one jar

Chunky glitters, flakes and foils may difficult to work with. Pouring the dip powder over the nail or pouring some in a cupcake liner and pressing the finger into the powder is suggested.

It is highly recommended to add a layer of clear dip or gel top coat on glitter dip powders before you file. This decreases the chances of damaging glitter and makes for a more even finish.

All attempts are made to represent the colors as accurately as possible. Pictures are taken in a variety of light settings to try for accurate representation of colors. Colors may vary in appearance from screen to screen.